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Big Data Principles by Eric J. Daza

22 Mar 2022

Learn Big Data Principles and its Effect On Data Collection with Eric Daza in under two minutes.

A Moment with Eric Daza: On N-of-1 Trials and Precision Medicine

02 Dec 2021

3rd Annual Health Data Science Symposium at Harvard: Smartphones, Wearables, and Health

05 Nov 2021

Brigham & Women's Hospital / Harvard Medical School Dept of Neurosurgery's Computational Neuroscience Outcomes Center (CNOC) + Harvard School of Public Health Onnela Lab

Why You Should Think of the Enterprise of Data Science More Like a Business, Less Like Science

22 Sep 2021

#MemeMedianMode Contest Winner!

16 Sep 2021

ADSA Career Development Network Career Panel: Data Science in the Biomedical Industry

14 Sep 2021

Statistical considerations for successful digital health innovation

26 Aug 2021

Eric Daza | N-of-1 Science & Causal Inference | Philosophy of Data Science

14 Jun 2021

Get to know Evidation: Eric J. Daza, ReAL Team

19 Apr 2021

How will value-based care drive digital health companies to show outcomes and improve evidence generation?

13 Apr 2021

Jan-Jun 2021

Central Coast Data Science Partnership: Mentoring Project led by the University of California Santa Barbara and Evidation Health

FASTER Live AMA: FilipinxAms in Healthtech + Safety

30 June 2020

Pinoy Scientists Instagram Weeklong Takeover

12-18 Jan 2020

Design Trumps Analysis: Drawing Causal Conclusions using Big Data

11 Oct 2017

Three Statistically Significant Principles

15 Mar 2017

Physician advice to patients on e-cigarettes varies, reveals knowledge gaps, study shows

26 Aug 2016

Science Daily

For smokers, finding a job is harder

11 Apr 2016


Cigarette smoking could burn your job prospects

11 Apr 2016

CBS News

Smokers Less Likely to Get Hired and Earn Less: Study

11 Apr 2016

NBC News