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​Stats-of-1 is a blog on a mission.

  • Inspired by n-of-1 studies, we are building a community of statistics-savvy pioneers who use modern tools of digital health (e.g., wearables, sensors) to create or adapt statistical design and analysis techniques for studying a single individual's recurring trends.

  • We call the theory and application of these techniques esametry.


The Situation: You have a lot of data from your wearable or implantable device, sensor, or mobile app. You have a recurring outcome you’d like to change (e.g., weight, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, asthma attacks, chronic pain, blood glucose levels). You’ve identified possible triggers, but their effects may take some time to appear---and it may be expensive or painful to test all or even just a few of them.

The Challenge: Design experiments to conduct on yourself to characterize the effects of only the most likely triggers.

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Creating Evidence from Real World Patien